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That's me!

It was cold in southern MN then. The night sky was dotted with bright twinkling stars

and brushstrokes of soft grey clouds hung just so. These clouds held tender flurries just ready to jump and flit to the ground. One of those flurries was me. POP! There I am…

I fell and floated, dancing down to rest under a tree. And there I lay as deer and raccoons tickled their chilly noses on my pattern looking for food. Frozen but friendly until the first scent of lilacs, lilies of the valley and jelly beans wafted in on a warm breeze and I melted into a drop of rain and rolled to a drainage creek in a neighborhood's ravine, where children dipped their toes and poked at tadpoles.

One of those neighborhood kids, bless her heart, sloshed me up in a bucket and took me to her little plastic pool. We played and splashed all afternoon, while the animals on the edge of the pool looked on, smiling, umm, a lot. In the evening, after the little girl left, sick of wading,

her schnoodle puppy, Max came over to gingerly lap up some water from the pool. I was sure I was going to be swallowed in one gulp. And I was. But something about Maxi's saliva, the placement of the sun and the earth, and the fact that I need to move this story along, a little bubble grew on the puppy's tongue, she spat it in the grass and it continued to grow, and grow and grow and grow to 59 inches (and ¾).

That's me! Popped right outta that bubble, almost fully grown, and my name is Kitty Poole. Hi! Its so good to see you, how's things?



Becky D. Poole

Becky Poole has been described by New York Theatre as having a "commitment to the absurd that is hilariously charming" and by New York's Backstage magazine as being "a bizarre blend of perkiness and rage". An actor, comedian, voice over artist, and musical saw player who recently moved to Seattle from Brooklyn, she's been performing, writing, and producing sketch comedy and performance pieces around the country. A majority of her stage work has been with the critically acclaimed, New York based sketch comedy groups, MEAT and Becky & Noelle. Other stage highlights include a run of "I'm Gonna Kill The President! A Federal Offense at Performance Space 122 and "Becky & Noelle: Investigating the Bucket" in the 2003 NYC Fringe Festival. Becky has done voice work for Bill Plympton, Discovery Kids, Blue's Room, The Cartoon Network and various animated projects. You can hear a few of her original songs on Animal Planet coming up this summer. She started playing the musical saw in 2001 and has been playing it in music projects and in NYC's experimental cover band Stickerbook. She is currently a company member of Annex Theatre and working on a late night show with comedy duo Gude & Laurance called, "Naked Ladies." Becky's newest show is about her 6 yr old performance artist alter ego, Kitty Poole, titled "Kitty Poole's One Little Show." Join them both in a messy romp through their subconscious. The piece promises monsters, cake, musical saw, and some disturbing dreams. It's about feeling good. Kitty Poole has been performed in venues around NYC including The Bowery Poetry Club, Mo Pitkins, and the People's Improv Theatre in Manhattan and Galapagos art Space in Brooklyn. Also at the Baronet Theatre in Asbury Park New Jersey. Here in Seattle she's been at Annex Theatre's Spin the Bottle (recurring artist), Re-Bar, and Big Wheel Bingo at the Can Can, with upcoming performances in 12 Min Max at On the Boards and the Solo Performance Festival. The act promises musical saw, monsters serving cake and some disturbing dreams.

Hear Becky's sorry tale
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